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Scheduled Maintenance Notice

by Judah Wright 0 Comments

On the first of February we will apply some software updates to our core infrastructure.

We do not anticipate any downtime, however the increased network load may result in file-transfers and downloads to be slower than normal. The entire process from beginning to end should take no more than 20 minutes.

If any details change, we will put out another post when we have more information.


Load Spike

by Judah Wright 0 Comments

At approximately 10:30 AM PST we experienced a momentary load spike, resulting in several websites being slow to respond or timing out.

Upon investigation, it appeared to be a bot trying to gain unauthorized access to the primary server. Security measures and automated attack mitigation services picked up around 10:35 AM PST and traffic slowly died down to normal levels by 11:00 AM PST. We will continue to closely monitor our infrastructure for any further problems.

No data was lost and there was no unauthorized access granted. Services are running smoothly again.


Billing Errors

by Judah Wright 0 Comments

Earlier today we discovered that a few clients had been invoiced incorrect amounts for hosting.

The problem was discovered after some customers were notified that a new invoice was available. After resolving the problem new invoice notifications were sent out.
It is important to note that no clients were actually billed because of the error.

As of 9:00PM Tonight (PST), all the green lights are happily blinking again!

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