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Upgrades Completed

by Judah Wright

Following up the previous post, which can be found here, all upgrades have completed successfully with less downtime than initially expected.

We are now using the latest and most secure versions of all our software, keeping our customers security a top priority!


Notice of Scheduled Upgrades

by Judah Wright

Server Canyon will be installing critical software updates, some of which are security updates, early Saturday (2/25/2017) morning, starting around 7:00AM Chicago Time.

The duration of the downtime is expected to be between 10 and 15 minutes.

What we are doing to prevent loss of data:
The upgrade will be comprised of three steps.

  1. Backups of all accounts will be verified before attempting the upgrade
  2. A live system image will be captured. This way if anything goes wrong, we can roll back to a running snapshot.
  3. The new software will be installed, the kernel will be updated, and the server will reboot

Once all that is done service will continue like normal.

Look forward to many new features in the coming months that will make not only hosting, but billing and upgrades even smoother!

Upgrades have been completed. See the blog post here.