Server Canyon - Your Cloud, Local.

Terms of Service

Expectation of Conduct:

We are a no-shenanigans hosting company. We have firm rules, but we are willing to negotiate. Our basic guidelines are as follows:

  • Pay your bill on time
  • Reasonable bandwidth usage
  • Don’t abuse the staff
  • Adhere to local laws and regulations

Expectation of Privacy:

You are entitled to your privacy. This means:

  • Staff members do not have access to your data without prior consent
  • We will not share any information you provide us
  • When we are finished using provided information (or your account has been terminated), we will permanently delete it
  • You may purchase a private and dedicated IP address.
    • Due to the high demand of IPv4 addresses, contact support for pricing and availability.
  • You may use any encryption technology you wish

Domain Name Options:

Server Canyon is happy to purchase a domain for you. The going rate is whatever the price is on Hover, plus $10 for labor.
If you bring your own domain, you may retain ownership of it. If you know how to setup the different DNS records you may do so yourself. If you would rather not worry about it, or have a plan that grants you cPanel access, simply use our Name Servers and you are good to go.

Account Credit:

You may add credit to your account at any time. Simply notify us if you would like to do this.
The credit assigned to your account may not exceed 1 year worth of hosting on your current plan.

Account Suspension:

Your account will be suspended if your bill is more than 60 days late without prior notice. We know that sometimes you can forget, or maybe you are on vacation. So long as you let us know beforehand of any delays, your account should be safe.

Account Termination:

We will terminate your account, with or without notice, if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Providing illegal services
  • More than 120 days late on a payment
  • You abuse our staff

Upon account termination, you will receive a download link to a backup of your account. If your account was terminated due to hosting illegal content, your data will be given to the proper authorities if it is requested.

We will retain a backup of your site for no longer than 7 days after termination.